As a Not-For-Profit Organisation Yallambee Welcomes Support via Donations, Bequests and Volunteers

Yallambee relies on bequests, donations and sponsorship to supplement Federal Government funding and to enable us to provide the quality of care and support that we believe our community deserves.

A donation or bequest is a great way to honour the memory of a special person, to leave an enduring legacy and to show that you care.

Support can be in the form of a Donation, a Bequest or as a Volunteer.

As a not-for-profit, we are able to give you a Deductable Gift Recipient receipt. This means that all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.


Donations can take the form of a one-off generosity, an on-going (monthly) contribution, or they can be for a specific purpose.

Donations enable us to improve the quality, range and availability of our services to residents and families.  Donations received in the past have varied from small amounts of ten dollars or more, to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Donations have been used for specific purposes (i.e. building projects), procurement of medical aids and equipment, and service enhancements for residents and clients.

Close up photo of a hanging flower pot with red and purple flowers in it.

We are grateful for all financial support received in the past and welcome any support you may be able to offer in the future.


A Bequest is a charitable gift made through an individual’s Will. The individual can be a resident, a family member or someone who values and appreciates the caring work done by Yallambee and would like to contribute in some way. Every Bequest can assist our work and touch the lives of future residents.

Please let us know if you have added us to your Will already. We’d like to have the opportunity to thank you now and to show our appreciation.

If you would like to add Yallambee to your Will, please contact us.