Care Services at Margery Cole – Permanent, Respite and Dementia Care

Margery Cole provides ageing in place, supporting each resident in maintaining quality of life and independence as they move through the latter stages of life. We provide personalised care tailored to each individual and their family.

Our accommodation is suitable for people with a range of needs. From those who are relatively independent but just need a little help with daily living, to those with greater care needs or who are unable to care for themselves.

Dementia care

Specialist dementia care can be provided in all accommodation. Margery Cole also has a dedicated memory support unit, Waratah House. This facility is specifically designed for resident safety and wellbeing and supports a range of dementia-specific leisure programs.

Respite care

Margery Cole can offer respite care for those needing to convalesce after an illness or emergency, or to provide care for the loved one of those families and friends that provide full time care, to give them the opportunity to go away. Respite can be provided for individuals with all levels of care need.

We will provide you with a medication chart to be completed by your GP prior to admission and request the following:

  • Aged Care Assessment
  • Copy of P.O.A documents
  • All clothing labelled
  • All current medications packed in Webster packs

“I’ve enjoyed my time here while on respite. I’m not so nervous about moving in when the time comes.”

Margery Cole respite resident