Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

Yallambee – the most trusted aged care and health care provider, enabling people to live well and live at ease.

Photo of two young women wearing black, and man wearing chef uniform, all are looking at paperwork

Our Mission

Yallambee – researching, developing and delivering an innovative range of high quality aged care and health care services.

Our Values


Life – We will act with dignity and honesty to enhance each resident's quality of life and independence; based on a culture of exemplary service delivery.


Integrity – Our orginisation's people will, at all times, act with reliability and truthfulness; ensuring Yallambee is widely known through its competence and professionalism.


Vitality – Encouraging our residents to live their best lives through their own choices, meaningful activity, and laughter.


Empathy – We will act with respect, compassion, and care for each of our residents, their families, and friends by showing support and understanding.